How to protect, clean and look after my beautiful satin shoes

How to protect, clean and look after my beautiful satin shoes

 As everyone knows, satin and silk shoes are very desirable and pretty complement to an outfit either for a wedding, party or christening. Yet, satin and silk can be difficult to preserve and clean if you don’t take steps to look after them before wearing it.

Preventing is the key!

As satin and silk are very delicate, shoes should not be worn on wet weather as moisture can damage and create stains. 


Upholstery protector sprays or Water + Stain Repellent are two good products for your satin or silk shoes again water or stains. They are transparent in colour and will not change the colour of your shoes. Leave it for 24 hours before wearing your shoes. 

However for a cheap option you can use hairspray to protect against dirt as it limits it getting on the material. First check on a small patch to see if has no colour to be certain. Hairspray will create a barrier on the fabric and in certain cases can protect even from moisture. Always hold the can 15cm (6in) away from your shoes.


Every time after wearing your satin shoes you should clean it so stains and dirt don’t set on it. Use a soft cloth or pantyhose to wipe away any dirt or light stain as they get worse over time.

Never put satin shoes in the washing machine and even less in the dryer!

Some experts think that it is better to wait for the stain to dry and then deal with it.  It is better to wait for mud to dry and then use a soft brush to remove it. Attention 

should be with the heels as discolouration comes from the bottom of it. 

For strong stains, the marks should be dealt with vodka as alcohol don’t take long to  disappear and would not leave any marks as a damp cloth could do. It is more probable that alcohol will dissolve the stains than a damp cloth. Be careful as you don’t want to soak your shoes with vodka, just touch the shoes lightly with a cloth with vodka.

If your stains are still there after trying the steps above, there is a solution that you can make:

  • 2 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide
  • 3 tablespoons baking soda
  • 3 tablespoons water

Be aware that baking soda is a mild abrasive and you should be gentle when using this solution. This is for a more stubborn stain. With a soft cloth get the paste and place it on the stain using circular movements, if you notice any change on the shoes other than removing the stain, stop and rinse off the shoes leaving them to dry. This will be your last effort to remove the stain.

Look for a dry cleaning company that does shoes

Like dry cleaners clean clothes, it is worth it to look for one that does shoes too. As they are experienced people, they probably can do a better job than you and clean your shoes in a better way and without damage.